Brother GTXpro 

The GTXPro Direct to Garment printer puts more features, more flexibility, and more capabilities into your bag of printing and decorating tricks. It works harder for you, so you can work harder on growing your business and tapping into new markets.

GTXpro Pouch Full Body

The quicker you get products to market, the sooner you can start turning a profit. The GTX Pro gives you the power to produce prints faster than ever before, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Being easy to use and maintain is one of the most important features of the GTX Pro. The improved wet capping station minimizes clogged nozzles and the white ink circulation system keeps the system primed and ready to print.

The GTX Pro has the largest print area of any Brother DTG printer ever. With a maximum print size of 16” x 21”, your designs can be bigger and bolder than ever. Extra thick items are no problem thanks to the adjustable platen height system.

innobella ink

  • Water based pigment inks
  • Okeo-Tex Eco-Pass Certified and CPSIA compliant
  • Package using less plastic
  • Convenient easy to use pouches
gtx ink




Intelligent Ink Technology

Dual White Ink Circulation System

  • Circulation in the ink lines and internally in the white print head

Industrial Maintenance Station

  • Includes next generation wet capping system

Engineered for Garment Decorating

Standard, operator-friendly features and a large print head to substrate gab produce great looking prints.

• Automated Maintenance achieves greater consistency and improved reliability

• Dual Platen Height Sensors ensure optimal platen height and crisp printing

• Print Reservation Feature allows you to perform multiple printer actions with no added time

• High Speed Production Mode- print up to 40 dark garments or 55 light garments per hour

Enhanced maintenance station reduces time

required for maintenance.

Built-in environmental controls accurately

GTX Pro with Aux Equipment (1)

Production ready. Operator friendly.