Brother GTXpro B

Engineered specifically for high-volume print shops that run multiple shifts, the GTXpro B features an intelligent ink system that keeps large volumes of ink in a constant state of readiness.

GTX pro-b 2 drop

Built in filtering and degassing system keep bulk ink in optimal printing state paired with high capacity ink tanks that enable longer print runs make it easier and more efficient to run for longer without worrrying about your ink and print heads

Extra-large sub tanks that auto-fill continuously for on-demand access to all inks as well as an internal agitation and circulation system keeps the ink in suspension allow less maintenance and more run time

The Brother GTXpro B gives you the flexibility to scale up in short order to meet the

demands of your growing business, but not before you have the volume to justify it.

innobella ink

Eco-friendly, water-based printing process

Bulk tanks available in 1.8L and 18L sizes

Wide color gamut for amazing clarity

Strong washability


Certified by ECO PASSPORT and Oeko-Tex

CPSIA compliant inks





Complete ink Circulation

Redesigned white ink print head circulates the ink inside the print head itself

Ink circulation includes all four key areas: ink tank, ink lines, and print head

Production Ready and operator friendly

High-speed print mode generates an increase in

print speed of up to 20% compared to standard

print mode.

High and low platen sensors ensure optimal

printing clarity.

Print Reservation feature enables

operator to send new files during

operation for improved efficiency.

Wide variety of interchangeable

platens allow operators to quickly

switch between substrates.

Smart automated maintenance

system minimizes clogged nozzles.

Enhanced maintenance station reduces time

required for maintenance.

Built-in environmental controls accurately

mock layout

Production ready. Operator friendly.