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Ink Circulation System


Internal agitation and circulation system keeps the ink in suspension and in a constant state of readiness.


Industrial Maintenance Station


The wet-capped maintenance station keeps heads clean and primed for printing, saving you valuable time.



   Bulk Ink  


Innobella Textile eco-friendly inks are available in 1.8 liter, and 18 liter sizes. Ink cost has never been lower - price range per cc is $0.12 - $0.22 depending on which size  and how much you purchase.



   Two Year Warranty*  


With Brother's 2 year warranty you can focus more of your time and money on growing your business.



   Dual Height Sensors  


Laser sensors will detect high, or low platen levels, to keep you printing at the perfect setting for your substrate, and make it impossible to cause a head-strike.



   Brother Print Heads  


Brother manufactures their own print heads, and has engineered them to include internal circulation which reduces waste, and increases speed.


Designed for versatility, Built for reliability.

Since 2005, Brother has been known for making garment printers designed from the ground up. Brother manufactures its own firmware, software, and print heads. Coupled with Brother's specially formulated inks and advanced features, the GTXpro printer provides a powerful tool to help you to grow your business.


Bring your prints to the Pro Level

  The GTXPro Direct to Garment printer puts more features, more flexibility, and more capabilities into your bag of printing and decorating tricks. It works harder for you, so you can work harder on growing your business and tapping into new markets.


right-choice-speed  Print with Speed

  The quicker you get products to market, the sooner you can start turning a profit. The GTX Pro gives you the power to produce prints faster than ever before, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.


right-choice-speed  Print with Precision

  Never sacrifice print quality for output speed. With a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi combined with cutting-edge Innobella inks, your designs can incorporate the entire color spectrum and even minute details will print with fantastic clarity.


right-choice-speed  Print in One Pass

  With the white ink channels stacked right behind the CMYK channels, you can print almost anything in a single pass.


right-choice-speed   Print with Simplicity

  Being easy to use and maintain is one of the most important features of the GTX Pro. The improved wet capping station minimizes clogged nozzles and the white ink circulation system keeps the system primed and ready to print.


right-choice-speed   Print Practically Anywhere

  The GTX Pro is more than a t-shirt printer. The large gap between the print head and the substrate means you can easily print over seams, across zippers and on top of pockets.


right-choice-speed   Print Larger

  The GTX Pro has the largest print area of any Brother DTG printer ever. With a maximum print size of 16” x 21”, your designs can be bigger and bolder than ever. Extra thick items are no problem thanks to the adjustable platen height system.


right-choice-speed   Print Safely

  The  Innobella Textile inks used by the GTX Pro are water-based pigment inks that are Okeo-Tex Eco-Pass certified and CPSIA compliant. The innovative packaging uses less plastic thanks to the new replaceable pouches so there is less impact on the environment.


right-choice-speed   Print with Confidence

  When you print and fully cure an item using the GTX Pro and Innobella Inks, you can be sure of its durability and washability. That’s because Innobella Textile inks have scored 4.0 or higher on AATCC wash tests.


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